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In our final P.O.D.System Architecture movie, architects Joanna Grant and Jimenez Lai of Bureau Spectacular explain their playful high-rise architecture concept that also functions as furniture or a cat tower at different scales.

Los Angeles studio Bureau Spectacular’s design for P.O.D.System Architecture – a collaboration between Dezeen and adidas Originals – is a 1:100 scale model of a conceptual mixed-use development comprising a group of high-rise buildings.

As well as representing an architectural concept, the model is designed to be used as a toy for cats to climb on, and can also be taken apart to create five individual pieces of furniture.

“For P.O.D.System Architecture, we are proposing a mixed-use high-rise that happens to be a furniture object; that simultaneously happens to be a cat tower,” Lai explains in the movie, which Dezeen filmed in Los Angeles. “It works on multiple scales as a conceptual exercise.”

The brief for the P.O.D.System Architecture project calls on architects to create conceptual buildings based on the story behind adidas’ recently launched P.O.D.System shoe, which combines various different shock-absorbing technologies into a single sneaker.

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