Building Happier Cities – SMALL FOOTPRINT – Ep 6

COVID-19 has highlighted some of the biggest problems with the way we design our homes and the cities around them. But it’s also given us a chance to reset, reflect on, and amplify what is good about them. Rob Adams and Claire Martin believe that considered small footprint design can radically change the way we use our cities post-COVID. Particularly if we move away from the city centre being a hub for everything. Jefa Greenaway and Paty Rios want to make it possible for our suburbs to serve us in the way our city centres do now. From a 20sqm apartment to streets, blocks and suburbs, small footprint thinking gives us an opportunity to build inclusive, connected, happier cities that have the space for us all.

Supported by Screen Australia & YouTube through the Skip Ahead Initiative

0:00 – Our cities are evolving with COVID
1:15 – Rediscovering community in our cities with Rob Adams
2:22 – Reclaiming public spaces with Claire Martin
5:26 – What has COVID changed?
7:55 – How should our cities continue to change?
10:05 – What is a happy city?

Produced by New Mac Video Agency
Directed & Presented by: Colin Chee
Producer: Luke Clark
Cinematographer: Simon Davies
Editor: Jessica Ruasol

Merge by Theatre of Delays
Under the Waves by Borrtex
Mono No Aware by Sun Wash
Su Song by REW
Love Songs Waltz (Brahms) by Ohad Ben Ari
Beyond Faith by Theatre of Delays
Reticulate by REW
This Is My Love For You by Daniel Pratt


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