BRYAN C. LEE JR. + SUE MOBLEY: Blights Out Design as Protest

Monday April 22
Campbell 153

Dean Forum Inclusion and Equity Lecture
Bryan C. Lee, Jr. and Sue Mobley
Co-Directors, Colloqate Design
Design as Protest: interventions towards racial, social, and cultural equity

Bryan Lee and Sue Mobley are co-directors of Colloqate Design, a multidisciplinary non-profit design justice practice focused on expanding community access to, and building power through, the design of social, civic, and cultural spaces. Bryan is Colloqate’s Director of Design, he is the organizer of the Design Justice Platform, and has led award-winning design programs for high school students through the Arts Council of New Orleans and NOMA. Sue is the Director of Advocacy at Colloqate Design, she is an urbanist and organizer with a focus on municipal policy and is a contributor to the forthcoming Remaking New Orleans: Beyond Exceptionalism and Authenticity coming out on Duke University Press in 2019. Through their ongoing programs and projects, such as ‘Design as Protest (DAP)’, ‘Paper Monuments’, and ‘Blights Out’, they have brought awareness and advocacy to the potential of equitable spaces that visually and physically represent collective aspirations for the future.



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