Brian Ford, Rosa Schiano-Phan – The Architecture & Engineering of Downdraught Cooling

Lecture date: 2011-02-07

This talk will provide a global review of research and practice in the application of downdraught cooling in buildings, with particular reference to opportunities in Europe and the USA. The talk will focus on design integration, and illustrate applications to both residential and non-residential buildings. The work referred to represents the culmination of a three-year R&D project partly funded by the European Commission and involving partners in Europe, India and China.

Brian Ford is an architect and environmental design consultant who has been involved in the design of a number of naturally ventilated and passively cooled buildings around the world. He is currently Head of the Architecture and Urbanism Research Division and Professor of Bioclimatic Architecture at the University of Nottingham.

Rosa Schiano-Phan is a lecturer in Sustainable Environmental Design at the AA Association. She has worked as an environmental design consultant and research fellow for the University of Nottingham, and has been involved in several international research and consultancy projects.


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