BEST WAY TO SAVE A LOGO FOR A CLIENT – Sending Your Finished Logo Designs

Do you know the best way to save a logo for a client? Are you having issues with sending your finished logo designs or you are not sure on how to do it? In this graphic design tutorial, today I will be showing you the method I use for saving, organising and sending my logo designs, professionally. Hopefully you will find my way to save a logo for a client useful and you will not have any further issues with sending your finished logo designs. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and to stay updated for future uploads.

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So what is the best way to save a logo for a client? My method is one that I have adopted for logo design in my career and I have not had issues that have caused much problems. The file format for a logo design is something people do wonder about and I am here today to explain what file format for logo designs I use, and why.

I talk you through the process of saving your logo to 4 files formats and why I use those specific file formats. I also explain that you need to save 2 versions of your logo, both with different uses of kerning in the logotype. This is because the logo will be used in small and large instances, business card and billboard as extreme examples.

I used to be a bit unsure on which file format for logo designs should be used, but over time I have learned what works for me and my clients. So hopefully you will agree with my method for logo design, and you will understand how to save a logo for a client and how to send your finished logo designs.

I will say that this is a method that works for me, and other designers may save to JPEG and PDF for example, I have saved to both before for a logo design, PDF is one that I would use sometimes, but I find that PNG is far better than JPEG for web use.

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