Before & After Graphic Design Masterclass (The WINNING Formula)

More useful content for beginners and experienced designers, where we have before and after graphic design examples, showing you how small changes can make a big difference in the world of graphic design.

This is kind of the masterclass of this series because we go in-depth and take a hard look at graphic design examples in the before and after format. We take into consideration things such as the target audience, the message and the technicals, and all of these things make up the formula for successful design as a professional graphic designer.

I do enjoy making these before and after style videos, and if you want to see more content just like todays video here at Satori Graphics, then just let me know with a like or a comment on todays video. Subscribe to stay updated to all of my uploads and until next time, design your future today, peace

Challenge Competition: Please send your design as either a JPG, PNG or PDF and entitle the email ‘Wine Label Design’. I will stop looking at entries on Saturday of this week. The email address is: [email protected]

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