Beauty Matters – Yael Reisner / Semir Zeki / Tateo Nakajima

00:00 – Introduction
05:09 – Documentary
32:09 – Yael Reisner
51:07 – Semir Zeki
1:14:55 – Tateo Nakajima
1:29:02 – Discussion/Questions

This event celebrates two new complementary publications: the AD issue Beauty Matters and the book about the Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB) 2019, on the same topic. Both take an interdisciplinary approach to the re-emerging interest in beauty across neuroscience, neuroesthetics, mathematics, philosophy and architecture. Each publication contains a different content by a different set of contributors.

Yael Reisner is an architect, researcher, educator and curator. She was the Head Curator of the 5th Tallinn Architecture Biennale, TAB 2019, entitled: Beauty Matters. Simultaneously, she was the guest editor of a complementary issue of AD magazine – published in September 2019 by Wiley, UK – that shares the interdisciplinary interest in beauty and its symbiotic relationship with architecture.

Semir Zeki is a British Neurobiologist who has specialised in studying the primate visual brain and more recently the neural correlates of affective states, such as the experience of love, desire and beauty that are generated by sensory inputs within the field of neuroesthetics. Fellow of the Royal Society and Foreign Fellow of the American Philosophical Society.

Tateo Nakajima is an Arup Fellow. Building on formal training and an early career in violin performance and conducting, Nakajima is an internationally recognised leader in the design and planning of cultural venues and developments, with projects around the world, working with many of the highest profile architecture and design practices.


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