Average VS Superior Graphic Design Skills (What It Really Means)

Today you WILL learn what the gap between an average graphic design, and a superior graphic design looks like, and how you can use that on your very own graphic design projects.
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In this graphic design tutorial, we explore 2 main components of any design. We look at the graphic design principles, and then the psychological theories that govern the feelings and choices of the target audience who view the design. Together, these elements create a graphic design that is superior, when done correctly of course. This could be on a magazine cover design, a billboard or poster design, any print design, Ui/Ux design, and even logo design. It basically boils down to you the graphic designer, being competent enough to understand these 2 components, and how they fit into any graphic design project.

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0:00 Can You Tell The Difference?
0:14 Example 1 (average)
0:30 2 Important Elements
0:46 Example 1 Rundown
2:15 Example 1 Improvement (superior)
4:29 Is This The Best Image Generator?
6:34 Example 2 (average)
7:58 Example 2 (superior)
9:36 Example 3 (design process)



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