Art Hoe Collective Meets Lorna Simpson | Tate Collective

Amandla Stenberg and Mars from Art Hoe Collective meet with Brooklyn based artist Lorna Simpson, discussing the inspiration behind the #ArtHoe movement and how it relates to Simpson’s work.

Art Hoe Collective is an online platform providing young creatives of colour the opportunity to broadcast and share their artwork. Through social media the collective explore questions of race, gender and sexuality.

“It’s become a movement about self-acceptance and self-love as artwork” – Amandla Stenberg of Art Hoe Collective

Often using found materials within her work, Lorna Simpson similarly deals with the issues of discrimination and marginalisation that exist in mainstream society. Drawing comparisons between their motivations and artwork, Simpson, Amandla Stenberg and Mars from Art Hoe Collective share their experiences of working as artists.

With music by Willow Smith (also of Art Hoe Collective) and Pools.

Lorna Simpson’s work is on display in Artist and Society at Tate Modern:

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