Ariel Schlesinger – Train-hopping and Reverse Engineering + Intervention

Lecture date: 2010-02-22

Beyond Entropy Research Cluster, organised by Stefano Rabolli Pansera

‘My first encounter with train-hopping occurred at the age of 16, when I joined a few adventurous kids on a long train-hopping ride between California and Arizona. Train-hopping is when you secretly catch a ride on a railroad freight car. The enormous change between how you perceive the train before jumping on it and the world you are in while riding in it was described by my friends as a Temporary Autonomous Zone. What I want to give an audience is the liberating experience of using something in a manner other than what it was specifically intended for.’

Born in Jerusalem, Ariel Schlesinger left high school behind and moved to Santa Cruz, California, where he met a community of forest punks. That was the starting point of his independent life. In his practice he tries to reverse the order of production, going backwards from the finished item to the prototype, as if to choose one product out of a million, restore its identity and invent it anew.

Symmetries and asymmetries in physics (energy vs. entropy)
Vid Stojevic will try to describe the deep relation between conserved quantities, such as energy/charge/momentum and the symmetries of the physical theories describing these. Contrasting this, the main feature of entropy is its intrinsic asymmetry. Understanding the fundamental reasons for this asymmetry is still a controversial question within the physics community. Stojevic will attempt to give an overview of the various – sometimes widely opposing – points of view on this issue.


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