Architecture Portfolio Review with Viviano Villarreal-Buerón

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About: Rishabh Wadhwa is an architect from India who creates content on architecture and design. Based in Jaipur, India he creates documentaries on structures and architects and interviews designs from around the globe on current trends in design, publishing to his audience of over 100 thousand on Youtube.

0:00 – Coming Up in the video
0:39 – Introduction
2:13 – The Taipei Performing Arts Center
3:16 – Architecture is Slow
4:00 – How do the portfolio Review Episodes work
4:40 – How are portfolios read by employers
7:07 – How to send your portfolios to employers
8:14 – Portfolio 1
8:49 – Should you put a photograph in the CV
11:27 – Portfolio 1 continued
17:47 – How to catch the attention of an Employer through you Portfolio
20:51 – How to Publish on Issuu
22:14 – Portfolio 2
28:20 – The challenges of working in a Foreign Country
33:34 – Portfolio 3
38:02 – Show different work in your portfolio
38:51 – Giving your portfolio a strong ending
40:46 – Portfolio 4
43:12 – Never do this in a portfolio
44:08 – Don’t lose your concept while designing
45:56 – Don’t repeat diagrams in a portfolio
48:09 – Should you include your artwork in a portfolio
48:44 – Portfolio 5
49:26 – What this portfolio got the most wrong
50:53 – The CV of a working professional
53:04 – Why Viviano won’t hire her as a senior Architect
54:35 – The end

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