Architectural Concepts

Drew Paul Bell (of explains how to develop architectural concepts.

(I am worried that I missed a critical point in this video: Your architectural concept should come BEFORE you design the building. The point is for it to help you make design decisions. So it has to be clearly defined early on. “Bridging the gap between the creation of art and the public,” is a good concept because it is actionable. You can do that. So then you work on doing that in different ways throughout your process. With the guidance from your concept, you can find a direction in your process.

So refine your concept and make it really clear and concise early on, and make it actionable. Then it’s really not as much about explaining what you did to jurors when you’re done; it’s about telling yourself the story of what you ARE DOING while you’re in the process of designing.

Kind of a critical point missing there, but I wanted to put out the vid anyway because I think it presented some other good ideas. I may expand more on this point in another video.)


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