Arata Isozaki – Recent Works

Lecture date: 1986-11-24

Arata Isozaki discusses a wide range of recent works focusing on issues ranging from the selection of materials and construction technologies to geometry as an architectural language.After graduating from the University of Tokyo in 1954, Isozaki worked for several years with his former teacher Kenzo Tange before establishing Arata Isozaki & Associates in 1963. This practice has been the base from which he has continued to create an architecture so personal in its ideas and spaces that it defies characterisation in any single school of thought. At the same time, Isozaki resists the temptation to apply a signature style to his jobs, preferring instead to create architectural solutions specific to the political, social and cultural contexts of the client and site in question. As a critic and jury-member for major public and private architecture commissions and competitions, he has contributed significantly to making the visions of the world’s most radical architects a reality. As a writer and theorist, he has been the leading interpreter of global trends and movements for other Japanese designers.

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