Ar Best Practices | Augmented Reality Design Principles | Adobe Creative Cloud

Learn Augmented Reality Design Principles in this Adobe Aero series led by artist Heather Dunaway Smith.

Augmented Reality Workflow & Best Practices:
Learn augmented reality workflows & best practices for creating AR experiences in both 2D & 3D.

AR Best Practices:
Best practices for creating successful augmented reality experiences, including onboarding & safety tips.

What you learned:
• Always design for safety and comfort. Don’t needlessly cover huge portions of the real world. It can be disorienting and may create hazards.
• Onboarding is especially important since this is a brand new medium. Many people have never used AR before, so you need to design with beginners in mind.
• Try to keep your overall file size lower than 50 MB.
• Users can become fatigued when using AR for extended periods. So, try to keep it short and sweet.
• Don’t recreate VR in AR. Meaning, don’t completely overwrite the physical world. Leverage it. That’s what AR does. It augments reality.

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Ar Best Practices | Augmented Reality Design Principles | Adobe Creative Cloud


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