Andrew Zago – After the Profession

Lecture date: 1996-01-22

‘The overarching point is the realisation that imagination – or, more specifically, creative imagination – is the architect’s most valuable professional asset. On one hand that’s a kind of nicety or something that one could say in general, but I also think that it also has a particular relevance. This notion of creative imagination is not only a demand but a need that one can find within society. Within an overt picture or perception of the world, there is always within that latently another radical structure of space which actually exposes reality as a constructed artifice. At the same time it affirms the priority of spirit and form. It is the architect’s unique task to construct a way into that latent vision or latent intuition – through work – and actually produce something which has the potential to become a transformative experience for the public.’

Andrew Zago presents a selection of his work. Zago has collaborated with Jeffrey Kipnis and Bahram Shirdel at A K S Runo, and runs his own architectural practice in Los Angeles. He is a visiting faculty member of the University of Michigan.

NB: Cuts out.


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