Anders Ruhwald Interview: You in Between

“To me ceramics are almost like an extension of the body.” Anders Ruhwald is among the most noted of a new generation of ceramic artists. In this video he talks about his most significant exhibition to date, ‘You in between’.

In this interview Danish artist Anders Ruhwald (b.1974) describes how the exhibition ‘You in between’ attempts to get into the mind of the audience. The exhibition is a conclusion to things he’s been thinking about surrounding our relationship with objects, he says, but adds that his work is not about what he thinks, but “about people coming with their own history, trying to make sense of what they are presented with.” Ruhwald engages with ceramic history and plays around with object categories: “Change a simple parameter, and have the object behave in a different way.”

Anders Ruhwald graduated from the Royal College of Art, Copenhagen, in 2005. Solo exhibitions include the Museum of Art and Design, Copenhagen and galleries in New York, Chicago, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Brussels. His work is represented in the collections of several museums and private collections around the world. Ruhwald has lectured and taught at many universities and colleges across Europe and North America. He lives and works in Detroit and London.

Anders Ruhwald was interviewed by Jesper Bundgaard

Photography and editing by Per Henriksen

Produced by Christian Lund

Copyright: Louisiana Channel, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, 2014

Supported by Nordea-fonden


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