Adwoa Aboah – Performing for the Camera | Tate

Adwoa Aboah, model and founder of @GurlsTalk, reflects on what it is to perform for the camera. Aboah has spent her career performing for the camera and is particularly conscious of the artificial personas and identities the camera can create and emphasise.

To counteract the sometimes pretend world of the glossy image she has established Gurls Talk an instagram feed and forum for young girls to talk, share, learn and support each other.

In this film she gives us a rare insight into her own process when modelling and reflects on Amalia Ulman’s artwork ‘Excellences & Perfections’ (2014) and the common theme of performance in front of the lens.

Amalia Ulman’s work is currently on display in ‘Performing for the Camera’ at Tate Modern:

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