Adobe XD Tutorial for Beginners – Your Quick Start Guide

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Basic Introduction & Basics to XD Design : 0:00
What is UX Design : 1:04
What is XDā€™s role in UX design: 4:26
What is our UX design brief: 6:46
Download Adobe XD Exercise files: 9:41
How to Create a Wireframe in Adobe XD : 10:46
How to add text to Adode XD: 14:08
How to make a Component in Adobe XD: 16:17
Middletro: 19:25
How to make a place holder image in Adobe XD: 20:35
How to copy & paste appearance in Adobe XD: 24:22
How to create a button in in Adobe XD: 25:03
How to make a card in Adobe XD: 26:34
How to make an input field in Adobe XD: 30:47
What is a component instance in Adobe XD: 33:05
How to paste in place in Adobe XD: 36:45
How to use Adobe Illustrator with Adobe XD: 38:39
How to add to an existing component in Adobe XD: 48:40
How to use repeat grids in Adobe XD: 52:40
How to prototype in Adobe XD: 55:08
How to share your prototype in Adobe XD: 59:28
How to make a pop up modal in Adobe XD: 1:03:29
How to extend images using Adobe Photoshop: 1:06:48
How to apply CC Library colors in Adobe XD: 1:11:57
How to use character styles in Adobe XD: 1:14:18
How to add multiple images to repeat grid in Adobe XD: 1:15:59
How to make a micro interaction in Adobe XD: 1:19:50
How to add a lottie animation in Adobe XD: 1:26:43
How to export PDFs from Adobe XD: 1:30:02
How to share your Adobe XD file with a Developer: 1:32:47
Outro: 1:38:22


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