AA Approaches – System + Land

​AA Approaches is a week-long festival of ideas to mark the start of the new academic year, a celebration of the AA’s 175th birthday and the beginning of Ingrid Schroder’s tenure as AA Director. This is an excellent moment to question what and how we teach, and the impact of the work we produce, at a moment characterised by rapid change and urgent global challenges. Each talk pairs two related yet contrasting themes, which draw upon legacies and lineages present within the school and reassess the strategies and methods that they have produced. It is an exciting opportunity to reflect on how different approaches have evolved and come to frame the more critical concerns of the immediate and more distant future. The academic year begins within this critical moment to stop and consider where we have been – to engage, to take responsibility, to reflect on where we are going and to respond with delight and hope, as well as fear and trembling.

The first session pairs those who see architecture as a SYSTEM and those who understand it as coming from an understanding of the LAND, nature or biological processes. It looks at architecture both in terms of complexity and the cloud; landscapes and ecological systems. Find out more here.

Speakers include: Shumon Basar, Fredrik Hellberg, Sam Jacoby, Farshid Moussavi, Lucia Pietroiusti and Phillippe Rahm.


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