A Playful Home Designed to Sit Under an Oak Tree (House Tour)

The Oak House by Kennedy Nolan is a project which represents formal, visual and playful innovation in a new vein of work for the Melbourne architectural and interior design practice.

As an alteration and addition to a Victorian house in inner Melbourne, Patrick Kennedy, Co-Founder of Kennedy Nolan Architecture, describes the project as, “in lots of senses, a really conventional brief for an architect.” He goes on to explain, however, that the aspects which make the home visually and programmatically unique stem from the clients, “really warm, hospitable people,” and the physical characteristics of the site, which is dominated by a vast oak tree that lends the playfully designed home its name.

Rachel Nolan, Co-Founder of Kennedy Nolan Architecture, reflects that the tree is “always present”, especially when sitting low in the living space surrounded by garden “you actually have these opportunities to look up, and enjoy that tree,” or when in the back yard where one experiences a sense of the dappled light through the tree canopy.

By focusing on strong graphic elements that complement the existing architecture while imbuing the home with a sense of playfulness and hospitality, Kennedy Nolan has created a reflection of the clients’ character throughout the design and architecture. In doing so, the project resists typified architectural responses and achieves an exceptional level of innovation.

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