A New Model for Design Creativity: Sumita Singha OBE, Director Ecologic Architects

New Models is a lecture series that invites practitioners from different disciplines to discuss how their work can change the models around which society is organised. These conversations will address how we can shift power structures, socio-economic forces and structural inequalities present in society today to give us new tools to rethink the world around us.​

The patriarchal hierarchy of our designed environment seeks to dominate nature and those who are weaker. Now with the existential threat of the climate crisis, do we need a different way of designing? An ecological way of thinking means not just disinvestment from the carbon producing economy and de-linking from non ethical supply chains- but also disinvestment from toxic ways of working. It embraces creative, collaborative and participative ways of working with the people and the planet.

Sumita Singha, OBE is an award-winning architect, academic and author. She has served on many RIBA committees for over 25 years and set up its equality forum, Architects for Change. She is a non-executive director of Moorfields Eye Hospital, author of many books, trustee of four charities and an academic.

Image: Detail from ‘A Thousand Li of River and Mountains’ (千里江山) hand scroll in ink and color on silk, 12th Century. 11.91 meters x 55.8 cm. (3d part) Located in the Palace Museum, Beijing (credit: Wikimedia Commons)


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