7 WORST Logo Cliches To Avoid!! 😵

What are some of the very worst logo design cliches you should aim to avoid in your workflow? In todays video, we look at 7 worst logo cliches and why you should reconsider these kind of designs. Then you’ll know how to make a logo design that hits the mark!

Why are cliches bad in the logo design world? Well a logo design is the face of a business, it is what makes them different from their competition and everyone else in that field. If a logo uses a cliche, then it becomes bland, boring and will not stand out at all. It will be difficult to determine that business from another similar business, simply because the logo is so alike due to the fact a cliche has been used by the designer.

Logo design tips and logo design principles are something I teach a lot on this channel, and you can learn a lot more about logo designing by clicking a video at the end of this one.

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