3rd IAES Berlin Day1 Panel one

3rd International Architectural Education Summit
Friday 13th September – Saturday 14th September 2013
New Directions in Architecture Education

DAY 1: 13/09/2013 – PANEL 1:

Limited by their institutional structures most universities are not able to react in their curriculum or with their teaching methods to acute architectural, social and environmental demands. This is one of the reasons why an increasing number of alternative education platforms all over the world emerge. All of these platforms take up a position, which includes the non-traditional, the non-conventional, or the non-standardised in contrast to traditional architecture schools. With their creative energy, participants of theses platforms, students and tutors, assemble, edit and produce knowledge, which is related to observations beyond pure architecture knowledge. This panel aims at introducing, comparing and discussing the meaning of alternative architecture education platforms between the political, the economic and the cultural spheres of society for today and tomorrow.

– What is the role of alternative architecture education platforms in relation to the traditional academic world?

– What is the responsibility of alternative architecture education platforms towards society?

– What is the role of alternative architecture education platforms in the student’s curriculum?

Lukas Feireiss, Moderator, Visiting Professor at space&designstrategies, University of Art and Design, Linz – 00:00:00 – 00:07:51

Eugene Asse, Founder, MARCH, Moscow – 00:07:51 – 00:13:42

Jhono Bennett, Co-Founder, 1:1 – Agency of Engagement, Johannesburg – 00:13:42 – 00:20:05

Tatjana Schneider, Co-Author and Researcher, Spatial Agency; Senior Lecturer, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield – 00:20:05 – 00:27:00

Mark Wigley, Dean, The Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP), Columbia University, New York – 00:27:00 – 00:34:29

Podium discussion moderated by Lukas Feireiss – 00:34:30 – 01:47:57


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