13 beginner tips and tricks for adobe illustrator 2019

If you’re new to Illustrator, this video will be perfect for you! We’ll learn about some of the things that changed my design-life in Adobe Illustrator when I learned about them. This video covers live shapes, snap to point, the pathfinder, global colors, calligraphic brushes, and much more!


00:19 Smart Guides
01:31 Cancel Fill or Stroke
02:31 Live Shapes (Rounded Corners
03:35 Snap to point
05:10 The Pathfinder
06:40 Alignment and Key Objects
08:29 Shapes from Strokes
10:40 Calligraphic Brushes
13:07 Filling Line Art
14:46 Hex Codes for Exact Color
15:22 Global Colors
16:53 Hidden Tool Options
17:33 Making Text More Editable


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