10 Font Styles Every Graphic Designer Should Know

Typography is a core component of Graphic Design so it’s an important subject for every designer to learn. Typefaces are divided into classifications based on the era or characteristics of their design. Being able to identify a typeface style can help you make educated design decisions and choose the best font for your work depending on its use. In today’s video I’ll give a brief overview of the main typeface classifications of serif and sans serif fonts that have emerged throughout the history of movable type.

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Fonts mentioned:
► Gutenberg – https://spoon.graphics/3V1Vy6I
► Fraktur – https://spoon.graphics/3WrsJ4w
► Centaur – https://spoon.graphics/44Md3uY
► Jenson – https://spoon.graphics/3UNAr6E
► Garamond – https://spoon.graphics/44OHmkU
► Goudy Old Style – https://spoon.graphics/44OomCL
► Baskerville – https://spoon.graphics/44IRxHz
► Didot – https://spoon.graphics/4bGLG7J
► Bodoni – https://spoon.graphics/4dpwpdi
► Clarendon – https://spoon.graphics/4a8MaCx
► Rockwell – https://spoon.graphics/3KchYvz
► Franklin Gothic – https://spoon.graphics/3QNEqix
► Helvetica – https://spoon.graphics/3V4qLWV
► Univers – https://spoon.graphics/3WJuD0A
► Gill Sans – https://spoon.graphics/3WKsoKH
► Optima – https://spoon.graphics/3ww7fcu
► Futura – https://spoon.graphics/4dHe0Zz
► Avant Garde – https://spoon.graphics/4bZM95p

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