Your Self Story Is Holding You Back

Data Driven Marketing

Have you ever talked to someone and given them the exact facts about something, and then they just brushed it off?

Using data to make informed business decisions is a key element of data-driven marketing. By starting with a clear hypothesis about the data that matters to a company and the ability to act on that data, businesses can use data to test and prove their ideas about what leads to success. This approach to data-driven decision making allows companies to make slightly better decisions quickly, rather than waiting to gather all available data and hoping to find patterns. Data analytics and business analytics can help companies understand their customers and make more effective marketing decisions. For startups, growth marketing can be particularly important, and data-driven marketing can be a valuable tool for driving growth. By asking customers questions and gathering data on their needs and preferences, businesses can use data to make content more attractive to their audience and conform to the rules and best practices of their community.

This is coined as an internal bias against new information & in this video, Neil Hoyne and Chris Do discuss how data isn’t the altering factor towards decision making. Rather, it’s the narrative we tell ourselves that makes us see the data one way or another, and then make a decision based off that.

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Host: Chris Do
Producer: Mark Contreras
Cinematographers/Editors: Stewart Schuster, Mark Contreras, MOCS Media
Futur Theme Music: Adam Sanborne
Typefaces: Futura, DIN, Helvetica Now, Calibre, Knockout, Champion Gothic
00:00 Using data to change
01:25 Taking action
02:10 Data examples
03:25 What path to take



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