YaYa Bones, EARTHEART – The Understory of the Understory

The Shape of a Circle in the Mind of a Fish: The Understory of the Understory
5th & 6th December 2020
Online at themind.fish

The Understory of the Understory is the fourth instalment in an ongoing series of festivals on consciousness and intelligence across species, part of the Serpentine’s General Ecology project. With The Understory of the Understory, we go to that place which is simultaneously ground, land, soil and Earth, that is to say, the place where diverse species come together, collaborate, communicate and constitute one another but also where complex systems of redistribution of toxicity, logics of extraction and geopolitics meet.

YaYa Bones

The debut EP from nonbinary audio alchemist YaYa Bones is a ceremonial invitation into becoming. Becoming more like soil. Composting the binaries and mulching the patriarchy — EARTHEART. EARTHEART is the debut EP by artist Ayesha Tan Jones aka YaYa Bones. Incorporating sound healing frequencies with their own genre – dream n bass, EARTHEART is an alchemical audio ascension through the tender realms of non-binary-more-than-human-love-songs, elemental evolutions and operatic raptures. With songs and spells 3 years in the making, EARTHEART is the emergence of many more sonic sounds to come from the shapeshifting dragon-dreamer YaYa Bones.

YaYa Bones writes protest music for witches, non-binary love songs and apocalyptic lullabies for the gestation phase of the nu-awakening. Taking influences from the unheard sounds of the weeds pushing through concrete and the crackling of embers in the hearth, they create a symbiosis of operatic siren calls and technological earth beats, mantras of poetics and epitaphs to the cuthulucene. YaYa Bones’ meditational sounds are invoked for the ears of the ancestors past, the hearts of the ancestors in training, the queer warriors and all the plants we have been in our past lives.




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