World Architecture Festival 2016: National Museum in Szcecin by Robert Konieczny

In this exclusive movie, Polish architect Robert Konieczny discusses the hybrid form of his National Museum in Szczecin, which was crowned World Building of the Year 2016 last month.

Completed by Konieczny’s firm KWK Promes earlier this year, the National Museum in Szczecin – Dialogue Centre Przełomy is a largely subterranean building, which features an open public space on its gently sloping roof.

The unusual structure references the history of the site in the centre of Szczecin, Poland.

It used to feature a series of townhouses, but these were destroyed by bombing during the second world war and the space remained an empty square after that.

“Our project attempts to combine two contradictory traditions of the space: the pre-war townhouse quarter and the post-war square,” says Konieczny in the movie, which was filmed at the World Architecture Festival 2016 in Berlin.

“As a result, an urban hybrid was created, which is a townhouse and a square at the same time,” he says.

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