Workshop Series: Branding – Get Things Moving | Adobe Creative Cloud

It’s time to make your logo move. Import your file from Illustrator to After Effects and make your lovingly-designed letters come to life. Designer Chris Converse will show you the basics of animation with practice files to help you follow along.

00:00 — 1. Introduction

00:44 — 2. What you’ll need

01:33 — 3. A brief intro to After Effects

04:28 — 4. Preparing the logo for animation

11:48 — 5. Creating and animating vector paths

20:57 — 6. Compositing and masking

26:57 — 7. Revealing the logotype

36:26 — 8. File types for video and animation

38:34 — 9. Rendering from After Effects and Media Encoder

43:46 — 10. Workflow examples for animated content

49:16 — 11. Conclusion

Learn what you’ll need to get started:



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