Working from home: Designing cities for the ‘workhome’ with Frances Holliss on ideasSPACE.

Working from or at home certainly moved up the agenda in 2020 and from what we can see it isn’t going back in its box any time soon.
Some have found it a positive experience, citing better work/home balance, more opportunity for exercise, healthier eating and even more time for chores. But others – depending on the design of neighbourhoods or houses – have found it a huge challenge, highlighting the increasing inequality the pandemic has exposed across many urban issues, such as access to greenspace. So how do we put this right, and design for a future with increased working from home?
We speak to Frances Holliss an architect and educator who has taught widely across the School of Art, Architecture and Design at London Metropolitan University and Director of the Workhome Project. Her research concerns the emerging field of design for home-based work.
She is author of Beyond Live/Work : The Architecture of  Home-based Work  which traces the history of the ‘workhome’, analysing its contemporary form and assessing its social, architectural and urban potential.
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