Wolf Eyes: Godfathers of American Avant-Noise

Descend deep into the lower floors of audio consciousness with godfathers of American Avant-Noise, Wolf Eyes. Join us as they unpack their 20 plus year history, sonic idiosyncrasies and PSYCHO JAZZ IN L.A., held at Silverlake’s Zebulon in the Fall of 2017.

Crew Credits –

Creator and Executive Producer – Hernan Diaz Alonso
Producer – Marcelyn Gow
Segment Producers – Tim Leanse/Pierce Myers
Director – Reza Monahan
Director of Photography – Sean Morris
B Camera – Armeen Monahan
C Camera – Sadie Strangio
Lighting – Robert Moreno
Sound Engineer – Scotty Tipton

Story Producers – Cal Crawford/Reza Monahan
Editors – Sean Morris/Reza Monahan
VFX Artist – Sean Morris

Soundtrack by: Wolf Eyes

Additional Footage Provided by: Matt Doyle and Brian Echon

A Very Special Thanks to: Sam Rowell and Zebulon

©2018 SCI-Arc Channel




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