“Will we work in a completely digital environment, like characters in a game?” | VDF

Following the popularity of his series of video blogs for VDF, Tokyo architect Martin van der Linden has created a special movie about the post-coronavirus office, in which he wonders whether physical workspaces will become entirely digital.

“Will we soon move into a digital world, in which our avatars work and communicate without having to leave the bubble of our homes?” van der Linden asked in the latest video from his popular One Minute Architecture YouTube channel.

“Is our world going to be one in which we work in a completely digital environment, like digital characters in a game?”

Van der Linden, the founder of Tokyo-based Van Der Architects, asked the questions at the end of the video, which speculates on what permanent impact the coronavirus pandemic might have on office spaces.

“Today, with the coronavirus crisis, companies are facing new challenges of how to use their workspaces,” van der Linden said.

“Working from home has, for many of us, become mandatory and we must ask ourselves: ‘Do we still need an office as a physical workspace?'”

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