Who Is Chris Do & The Futur? Origin story

Tired of playing by the old rules of success?

Chris Do, an acclaimed entrepreneur and design visionary, sits down with @travismakesfriends to unveil transformative insights that challenge the status quo in business, creativity, and personal growth. This deep dive into unconventional wisdom and strategic planning is a must-watch for anyone ready to pivot their approach and embrace authenticity in their professional and personal endeavors. This dialogue is not just about challenging the norms but also about embracing the power of authenticity, strategic foresight, and building valuable connections.

🌟 What You’ll Learn:
πŸ›  How to pivot from traditional paths to forge your own way.
🎨 Strategies for creatives to establish and grow their businesses.
πŸ“ˆ Tips on pricing your work and understanding your value in the market.
πŸ“š The power of self-education and leveraging online learning platforms.
πŸ’‘ The significance of networking and building meaningful connections.

✏️ In This Episode:
00:00 – Intro
01:02 – Chris Do’s Origin Story
05:37 – Education: The Gateway to “Success” for Immigrants
08:26 – Seeds of Entrepreneurship
10:43 – Embracing Setbacks & Following Your Gut
17:32 – Pivoting Towards the Path Less Traveled
24:14 – The Disillusion of Education & Corporate America
34:34 – The System of Education is Broken
41:03 – The Revolution of Learning
47:00 – How to Charge What Your Worth
49:40 – Move with Integrity
50:00 – Working Smarter – Not Harder!
52:11 – The Value Mindset
58:33 – Understanding “Value” in the Buyer’s Mind
01:06:10 – The Birth of the Futur
01:13:09 – Is It WHO You Know or WHAT You Know?

This talk is a must-watch for anyone eager to step beyond traditional boundaries and explore new horizons in business, creativity, and personal growth.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/travischappell/

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Host: Chris Do (Bald Asian Guy Talks About Business)
Cinematographers/Editors: @RodrigoTasca



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