When We Live Alone – Trailer

When We Live Alone is the second film in a three-part documentary series produced by the CCA. This series examines the ways in which changing societies, new economic pressures, and increasing population density are affecting the homes of various communities. Through the lens of architectural projects in different socio-political contexts, each episode looks at the global scope as well as the local specificities of a particular issue. While the second episode examines how people who live alone engage with the city of Tokyo, the first part of this series, What It Takes to Make a Home engages the pressing issue of homelessness, and the third part of this series deals with another challenge to urban society created by changes in lifestyles and demographics that affect the spatial configuration of our environments: our rapidly growing aging population.

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Conceived by Giovanna Borasi
Directed by Daniel Schwartz

Produced by the CCA



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