What Lies Were You Told in Design School? Why Is Good Health Good For Creativity?

Things gets personal when Art Center professor Petrula Vrontikis turns the tables with Chris Do during a Facebook Live Q&A session. She asks some hard questions and we get to see Chris in the hot seat. This is part 2 of this series.

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02:03 Q: Who do you respect/admire in business?
03:08 It’s a mindset: remove negative associations from certain activities so the path is free for you.
03:52 Q: How did you learn the art of persuasion?
05:30 Be open to debating important issues and listen to contrary perspectives.
07:59 Becoming Hyper-aware: Watching films from both a professional and personal point of view.
10:57 Q: What were the lies that you were told in your design education.
13:25 Your degree doesn’t matter. Education is not proportional to success.
16:49 Q: How much business from blind comes from the futur and vice versa?
19:11 Q: What are your biggest challenges in managing creative people?
22:40 Q: What things do you do differently at blind a great community?
24:34 Q: Why is good health good for your creativity?
25:35 Perceived Progress and Control is important to happiness.
27:47 Q: Are your children as creative as you and your wife?
29:23 It doesn’t matter what my children choose as their professions, as long as they apply themselves and don’t hurt others.
30:00 Q: 50 Years from now, what would you want your children to be thankful to you for.
31:57 Q: How should a designer quit a job respectfully?
34:20 I only want people who want to be here.
35:00 Q: How do you fire someone?
40:00 Q: Why did you choose the name blind?
41:27 Q: (Petrula) What do you do and what are you known for?
42:11 Q: What do you think about the concept of selling out?

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