WE CAN'T DO THIS ALONE – Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley

What if you controlled the game?

This documentary film produced by Ella Frost follows artist and game designer Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley across a six-month R&D journey with Serpentine Arts Technologies, which focused on supporting the artist’s ongoing mission to explore the untapped civic and activist potential of gaming in archiving and supporting Black Trans lives, using new forms of player interaction to create a community of players who are aware of and responsible for their actions. This film incorporates artist interviews, playtesting snippets and event footage from WE CAN’T DO THIS ALONE; an interactive improv play that invited the audience to become the actors, fighting against the rebirth of a character called Supremacy, as they became ever more implicated and incorporated in the unfolding course of events through interaction with newly developed gaming prototypes implementing eye-tracking and facial scanning, produced together with Rob Prouse.
See what your eyes can do…

Video Editing by Ella Frost
Music by Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley
All featured footage courtesy the artist

WE CAN’T DO THIS ALONE was presented by Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley & Serpentine Arts Technologies

Curated and produced by Tamar Clarke-Brown, Eva Jäger & Serpentine Arts Technologies
Interaction, Prototype Testing and Acting by Live Studio Audience
Prototype testing by Ebun Sodipo
Unity Production by Rob Prouse
Vision Mixing by Ralph Pritchard
Lighting by Pete Ford
Spark by Tom Oates
Sound by Lucinda Potter
Photography by Ivie Bartlett
Special thanks to Camberwell Studios




Serpentine Webpage



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