The office continues to sail

Design – SEMBA

Location- Shibuya Ward, Tokyo

Client – VOYAGE GROUP Inc.

Business Category – Office

Responsible duties – Design, basic / implementation design, construction

Photography – Katsuhiro Aoki Photography Office

Completion – May 2019

VOYAGE GROUP Inc. office relocation project.
An office that embodies the “360 ° Amazing” management philosophy while reading the story of VOYAGE. On the photogenic entrance floor centered on hideouts, the layout of the lagoon is easy to recombine, the in-house library Oasis is a centralized booth, the HILL has a different line of sight, and the BEACH where you can lie down. The ABW space can be selected flexibly according to the mood and scene. In the work area, “Decoy decks with amenity functions” are placed everywhere, aiming to improve communication between employees and reduce the operational burden of the back office.

About Semba

Since 1962, with pursuing the corporate mission “SUCCESS PARTNER’’, Semba Group keeps on creating a wide range of commercial spaces from large-scale shopping centers, small-scale specialty stores , cafes/restaurants, leisure/amusement spaces to hospitality and working spaces.

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