Video Masterclass | Mastering the Timeline: Advanced Editing Techniques

In today’s Masterclass, learn how to adjust the timing/speed of your clips and how markers help you remember key areas of your clips and flag areas of interest. We will also delve into how transitions can help build a seamless flow between video and audio clips and how to apply various effects. You’ll also learn the importance of clip handles, how to apply transitions on multiple edits, and the reasons for switching from a frame-based timeline view to working at sample-level.
00:00 Start
02:13 Flashback to last week
04:15 The audio edit of the episode
09:02 How to nudge clips in Premiere
10:34 Snapping clips
11:18 Remix in Premiere
22:12 Melodic vs Harmonic
33:44 Time Remapping
48:40 Using Optical Flow


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