Video & Audio Masterclass | How to Understand Noise in Audio: What You Can Fix and What You Can’t

In today’s Masterclass, Jason will discuss some of the fundamental types of noise that we often encounter; from electronic buzzes and hums, to environmental or naturally occurring noise, to ambient/industrial noise (like HVAC systems). Through examples, he’ll instruct you on what tools you can use and best practices for minimizing really noisy content (and when re-recording may be your only option).


00:00 start
5:26 Removing Consistent Background Sound
14:20 Using the DeNoise Tool
19:10 Selecting Noise Profiles
27:10 Spectral Decay Rate
34:00 Painting Out Specific Sounds
39:40 Learn Sound Model
50:35 How to use the DeHummer
54:30 How to get rid of vocal bursts of air in a recording



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