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Get to know AR in this Adobe Aero series led by James Zachary, Director of Animation at Adobe Aero.

Using Surface Anchors: Anchor your augmented reality experience to the real-world using surface anchors.
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What you learned: Using surface anchors in Aero
• There are three types of surface anchors in Adobe Aero:
◦Horizontal surface
◦Vertical surface
◦Image anchor.
• The surface anchor can be changed by selecting the anchor type in the Scene Graph and then changing the anchor type in the properties panel.
• Horizontal surface is the default anchor surface and should be used when you want to anchor your scene to the ground, a tabletop, or other flat horizontal plane.
• Vertical surface is used if you need to fix your experience to a wall or other vertical plane.
• Image anchor allows you to attach the augmented reality experience to a 2D image such as a logo, poster, or floorplan.
• For more information on Image Anchors and what makes a good anchor, see the documentation HERE:

Pro tip:
• Camera reset, along with Frame all, can get you out of any viewport entanglements.

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Using Surface Anchors | Getting to Know Ar in Adobe Aero | Creative Cloud


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