Use Chat GPT to create commands and automate tasks in AutoCAD

In this video, I have shared three use cases of Chat GPT with AutoCAD that I found quite useful. These are making custom lisp routines, creating custom commands using macro, and making custom linetypes.

Apart from these use cases, there are several other situations where Chat GPT from Open AI can be used to do your work with AutoCAD a lot easier.

In several situations, it will make it possible to do tasks that were otherwise impossible without knowing all about programming LISP, macro, and more.

Free AutoCAD essentials course:

AutoCAD customization and advanced tools course:

Here is the table of contents:
00:00 Introduction
01:07 Making a new command using LISP
04:30 Using Macro to automate tasks
10:26 Making custom linetype
11:35 AutoCAD customization and advanced commands course


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