Urban Playspaces Conference: Informal Education – cocukistanbul

Introduction presentation to the ‘Ask the play experts, what do children say?’ panel.

Sibel Çetingöz is the founding and managing partner of Informal Education – cocukistanbul. Çetingöz’s time in the Department of Educational Sciences and graduate degree from the Department of Developmental Neurology at Istanbul University have led her to a professional career in education. She has occupied a variety of roles, including researcher, education coordinator, founder and manager in some private school and institutions. Çetingöz is a member of European Children’s University Network and Hands-on International and does her Phd. In Management and Organization at Istanbul University.

Erdoğan Kahyaoğlu is the founding and managing partner of Informal Education- cocukistanbul. After his time at the Department of International Relations at Ankara University Kahyaoğlu worked in managerial roles in the financial sector for 12 years. In 2006, he co-founded garajistanbul, an initiative and venue for contemporary performing arts and worked there as a active board member until 2011. Kahyaoğlu also directed the project “Istanpoli”, the biggest international arts show project sponsored by the Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency. Erdogan Kahyaoğlu was teaching arts and project management in different universities. Kahyaoğlu has four books published in the field of children’s literature.


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