– 1-Year Post-Professional Master Degree Program in Architecture
– B.Arch. professional five-year undergraduate degree in architecture, or foreign equivalent is required.

SUPRASTUDIO is a one-year post-professional program that leads to a Masters of Architecture II degree. Students engage in real-word issues through intensive research to develop new methodologies of architectural design. The program offers extensive research opportunities in studios led by world-renowned figures in architecture. SUPRASTUDIO partners student researchers with industry collaborators exploring topics as diverse as strategic thinking, sustainability, contemporary culture, lifestyle, Artificial Intelligence, autonomous mobility, sensing technology, robotics, extreme environments, the journey to outer space, virtual reality, entertainment production performances, and media-enhanced experiences.

Students have the opportunity to investigate architectural design and its cultural and social context to further their educational agenda. For example, students may engross themselves in a master-plan for a futuristic city for 10,000 where everyone is connected and uses autonomous cars led by Craig Hodgetts; or they could rethink the static buildings that house event performances to produce architecture that employs advances in temporary staging/pop-ups, robotized movements, and light led by Mark Mack; or they can tackle comprehensive critical analyses on the modern history and politics of cities, data-driven research of planning infrastructure and social issues, concluding with design proposals developed in collaboration with city governments and community partners led by Thom Mayne; or they could investigate the intersection between the digital and the physical worlds, looking at the cusp of living in mixed realities where interactive environments challenge traditional fabrication techniques and spatial assemblies with virtual and augmented realities, robotics and smart space applications led by Guvenc Ozel.

Previous collaborations with Walt Disney Imagineering, Toyota Motor Sales, Boeing, Cirque du Soleil, City of Los Angeles, City of Madrid, JumpStart Fund / Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc., Gehry Technologies Inc., Mayor’s Institute on City Design, National Endowment for the Arts, President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities, UNICEF, and UNESCO have already generated a new set of design problems, research interests, scholarships, and practices to which students, faculty, and collaborators would not have otherwise had access.


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