Translate the Intangible Symposium – Part 1

Lecture date: 2012-05-11

Introduction, Michael Weinstock (AA) Director, Research and Development; Director, Emergent Technologies and Design

Spatial Cognition and Performative Systems

Merate Barakat, Urban Sonic Networking: Urban Design through Acoustic Sensory;

Kensuke Hotta, Programmable Architecture: Towards Intelligent Architecture

Luca Dellatore, ARUP, Acoustic Consultant;

Translate the Intangible, a symposium organised by the AA PhD in Architectural Design students as part of the AA Public Programme, addresses the challenges of communicating dynamic aspects of contemporary design methodologies through static mediums such as text and images. As current design-oriented fields have amplified the implementation of computational and generative tools for various motives, the process of documentation and representation of the design process has become more difficult to express. As such, Translate the Intangible will bring together a multi-disciplinary group of leading practitioners from different fields to discuss the challenges involved in expressing the process involved in their work and propose new perspectives addressing this issue.

The symposium will also serve as a platform for the PhD in Architectural Design students to present and discuss their individual research with the invited speakers. The day is divided into three sessions. Each session will last for two hours, and will include a presentation by two PhD students and two invited speakers under a specific theme. During the final hour of each session, the moderators will open up a discussion that follows up on the session’s theme. The aim is to steer a discussion to develop a further understanding of how different disciplines transcribe the temporal aspects of their research to permanent static medium.

Organised by Merate Barakat, Elif Erdine and Ali Farzaneh



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