Transforming Photos into Stories with Farah Manley – 1 of 2

Join architect and photoshop artist Farah Manley as she transforms different photos to tell a story. Follow along as she shows you how to utilize different tools in Photoshop to create a narrative within your photos. On the final day, Farah will also walk you through her workflow for publishing to Instagram and keeping a cohesive tone using Lightroom on mobile.

Guest Farah Manley is a architect and photoshop artist based in Toronto, Canada:

Host Paul Trani is an Adobe Principal Worldwide Evangelist based in Colorado:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
2:20 Intro to Farah’s Work
6:35 Using Sky Replacement to Start the Composite
8:28 Explaining the Story Behind the Composite
9:30 Cutting Out a Giraffe from Adobe Stock with Object Selection Tool
11:55 Using Puppet Warp to Edit Position of Giraffe
14:55 Cleaning up a Cut Out Lion
18:00 Cutting Out a Flamingo from Adobe Stock
22:40 Adding a Propeller to the Cloud with Remove Background
27:50 Using Density to Reduce Opacity
32:30 Difference Between Collage and Photo Composite
38:00 Manipulating an Elephant Trunk with Puppet Warp
47:25 Adding Island Assets to the Background
52:55 Difference Between Fill and Opacity
56:10 How to Know When Your Piece is Done
1:10:25 Farah Discussing Her Architecture Day Job
1:33:20 Checking Out TurboSquid and PixelSquid
1:36:35 Ps Daily Creative Challenge Reviews
1:46:15 Adding a Penguin from Adobe Stock
1:53:40 Explaining Photoshop on Instagram Theme Prompts
1:55:15 Tomorrow’s Plan / Outro


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