Touring a $44,500,000 Ultra Modern HOLLYWOOD HILLS Mansion With an Underground Garage

This week, we are touring Nobel LA’s newest contemporary mansion, where curated design and bespoke customization redefines luxury living! Follow us on Instagram @EnesYilmazer , @AyersWorld !

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Touring A $20,000,000 Hidden Hills Modern Mega Mansion With An Incredible Guest House!

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Saint Ives
Property Address: West Hollywood, California, USA
Property Link:
Listing Price: $44,500,000

5 beds 9 Baths
14,000 Sq Ft
1 Acre Lot

Designer & Developer:
Max Nobel
Max’s Instagram: @Max_LA

Development Team:
Nobel LA
Nobel LA’s Instagram: @Nobel.LA

Business Partner:
Emil Khodorkovsky
Emil’s Instagram: @ForbixCapital

Art By:
Julian Voss Andreae
Julian’s Instagram: @JulianVossAndreae

Wilson Audio Speakers From:
The Audio Salon
The Audio Salon’s Instagram: @TheAudioSalon

Art By:
Crime By Design
Crime By Design’s Instagram: @CrimeByDesign

Cars Provided By:
TBFW’s Instagram: @tbtfw

Property Description:
‘’There is an opinion that the sunniest sunrises, the most fiery sunsets, the best summer
days live in Los Angeles. Well, we agree with this as never before. That’s why the place of
our great love is here — here we create love.

Love in every architectural line, in every beam and window. We used a variety of materials
in this project: from stone to glass, trying to convey the landscapes and the atmosphere of
everything that we saw around. This is our manifest. And that’s how we evolve every
architectural work to harmony with the world, doing it in a somehow innovative way.’’

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Hosted By: Enes Yilmazer
Produced By: Enes Yilmazer
Executive Producer: Andrew Butler
Associate Producer: Luis A. Flores
Lead Editor: James Potter
Filmed By: Erman Alkis, Cody Boone, Serkan Ural, James Potter, Janak Panchal
Colored By: Janak Panchal

Time Codes:
00:00 Introduction
01:41 Motorcourt
04:10 The Home
05:50 Specs
09:12 Wine Cellar
11:14 Living Room & Kitchen
18:26 Dining Area & Office
22:07 The Build
24:11 The Backyard
27:40 Curation & Design
28:40 The Lower Level
29:51 Spa
32:10 Car Gallery & Seating Areas
37:40 Guest Suite
38:33 Screening Room
39:43 Surface & Feel
41:01 The Top Floor
41:23 Guest Suites
46:43 Primary Suite
49:35 Primary Bathroom
54:03 Main Closet
55:53 Outdoor Space
57:15 Legacy & Success
01:01:01 Night Tour
01:01:51 Outro


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