Tips To Change Color Tones In A Photo – A Phlearn Video Tutorial

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Change up Your Colors

In today’s episode see a cool way to add different tones into your image with a couple easy steps using Duotone. The colors in these presets determine what your shadows, midtones, and highlights will look like. You can also choose your own color palette, and combine the layers using different blend mode and opacity combinations.

Today’s Episode Timeline

0:30 -Upcoming shoot
1:50 – Getting into color
2:15 – Duotone and Tritone
2:50 – Making a new document
3:01 – Working in grayscale
4:15- Using presets
5:15- Choosing your own colors
6:26- Curves
7:45- Blending these colors with your original images
9:50- Taking it one step further
10:20- Adding noise
11:10- Light rays
12:35- Show us your effects
Working Non-Destructively

Because you have to work in grayscale to be able to use this feature I would recommend making a new document. Grayscale converts the image into black and white, meaning you can’t make any changes later. To prevent this you can just bring the new document in as a layer after you finish in Duotone.

Push it Further

Another option after you finish is to add in light and grain to get the vintage style or film type look. You can add light into your photo quickly and easily by using the brush tool on dissolve and experimenting with opacity on that as well. .


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