Tilda Swinton on putting the soul in AI | “Teknolust” (2002)

We interview Tilda Swinton as she rewatches Lynn Hershman Leeson’s “Teknolust” (2002), in which she plays four different roles: scientist Rosetta Stone and Ruby, Olive, and Marine, three clones (part human, part computer) who long to live in the real world. “Teknolust” is a hilarious, genre-breaking, sexual-biogenetic comedy focused on AI and how we live with it. “I would suggest this film is more relevant today than it was when we made it,” Swinton explains. “I think this suggestion of a benign universe in which machines and humans can not only interreact, but also be dependent on one another, is not a bad thing to just bathe in for 90 minutes. Just as a little trial.”

The film program “Lynn Hershman Leeson: Moving-Image Innovator” runs from Jun 7–20, 2024
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