The Whales floating cities by Justinian Khoo | Redesign the World | Dezeen

The second finalist in Dezeen’s Redesign the World competition powered by Twinmotion is Justinian Khoo, who has proposed moving humanity into sustainable floating cities so that nature can reclaim the land.

Called The Whales, the clusters of cities, which Khoo designed to resemble pods of the large marine mammals, would be powered entirely by renewable energy harnessed from the sea, sun and wind.

Fish farming would provide protein-rich food for the inhabitants of the cities, with the waste used to fertilise crops on floating farms.

Vegetation would also be used as a natural filtration system for waste water, while food waste would be composted to minimise landfill.

By moving humanity into the floating cities, Khoo imagines being able to allow nature to rewild the planet’s landmasses in order to restore natural ecosystems and reverse climate change.

Redesign the World is the ultimate design competition, which called for new ideas to rethink planet Earth to ensure that it remains habitable long into the future.

Launched in partnership with Epic Games, the contest asked entrants to visualise their concepts using architectural visualisation software Twinmotion.

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