The Things Around Us – The Protagonists

Journeys, encounters, dialogues and discussions with architects John Lin (RUF), Dieter Leyssen (51N4E), Johan Anrys (51N4E), Joshua Bolchover (RUF), and Freek Persyn (51N4E) – in order of appearance within this video – have been the structural tools to produce The Things Around Us, a project which explores and analytically studies the means, relational mechanisms, and tools used by the architect to move between the folds of complex political and socio-economic systems today.

Our exhibition and publication project, The Things Around Us, is the outcome of a series of conversations and collaborations with the offices of 51N4E (Brussels) and Rural Urban Framework (Hong Kong) who elaborate on an expanded definition of context, questioning the role of the architect today.

Both offices, through different strategies and learning from distant geographical contexts, absorb and incorporate a wealth of actors, alliances, and collaborations that expand the architects’ ecological system, significantly redefining their position.

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